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around  Millington

Where the Minster Way crosses with Givendale hill road,

a view through the trees across to the vale of York.

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to Givendale

millington, yorkshire wolds

Main Street Millington to the view through the trees at the top of the Balk:  a 15 to 20 minute road walk (up hill to the view)

Around Millington 

is a photographic record

of  village life, village events,

visitors (in their increasing numbers) and

visiting activities, ordinary days, special days,

and the Yorkshire Wolds scenery.


It is an acknowledgement to the

growing popularity of this

gentle part of Yorkshire.


The around Millington website began in

March 2012.  Take one year .... `Millington village`,

`land and its animals`, `travelling through` and

`waiting around`, takes one year (2012 - 2013)

to give a snapshot of country life at that moment

in time. 


`Yorkshire Days`, `Tom`s Haymen` and `the return

of Ebor Morris` tells the story of Yorkshire Days

in Millington over the years.



Heritage Project is an overview of heritage 

exhibitions which have been displayed in

Millington Church.




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