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August in Millington Dale

A misty morning in  March 2012,

down Millington Lane, a view across to Whinney Hill

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Blue skies, hot weather, April 2012 ...  a highland calf

                                in the field at the crossroads

July poppy field,

from the Wolds Way,

a view across to Millington Wood



Great Givendale

May 2012, 

around  Millington

the land & its animals

   throughout the year

IMGP2644 (640x353)

sheep grazing, fields harvested, Kilnwick Percy Hall

IMGP2741 - Copy - Copy (800x706)


Millington Lane

Autumn ... looking over to Horse Dale

IMGP2970 - Copy (640x480)

December, Sylvan Dale, Millington Pastures

IMGP3139 (640x480)
IMGP3408 - Copy (800x600)

                                     Looking at you, March 2013.

Along Wood Gate, looking over to Millington Bottom

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