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millington morris men 1995



1995 :

yorkshire day 1997


The slightly unconventional Millington Morris was the idea of Tom, who thought that Millington should have its own home grown Morris team to dance at the village Yorkshire Days celebrations.  In the early years Millington Morris were known as the Haymen (or Heymen), because one of their first dances was the Hay dance, and the men called out Hey when they were dancing !  Wearing hankies on their heads and often  wellies on their feet, it soon became tradition to end their set with a beer dance "brandishing pint pots and dancing into the pub"


In the lead up to Yorkshire Day all the practices were in Tom`s garden, and according to Moe (Tom`s wife) "were about two hours long, an hour and a half of drinking and discussing and half an hour of dancing"











Thanks to Jerry Brandon and Moe Smith for the information, and also to Jerry for many of the Haymen photos. ,



The first appearance 

Tom`s Haymen first danced outside the Gate Inn on Yorkshire Day 1995 - it soon became tradition to end their set with a beer dance, and dance into the pub.



(left to right)

Claude Mole, Tom Smith,

Jim Baldwin, Derek Dennington,

George McManus & Peter Burridge


with Roger Dykes playing accordian, on the steps to

the Gate Inn



around  Millington

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